Muscle Hydration and the Value of Pressure

Muscle hydration: A theory that pressure pulls fluid into dry tissue to return pliability, function, and balance.
When we drink water we are hydrating from the outside in. With pressure, you’re hydrating from the inside out.

Muscular imbalance can cause pain, tenderness, muscular inefficiency and can limit movement.  Overuse, poor ergonomics and past injuries all contribute to this imbalance and result in dry, rigid and irritated tissue.

Why muscle hydration?

While muscle and joint discomfort or pain demand attention, the response isn’t always clear.  WAVE5 gives you comprehensive tools to address these issues through muscle hydration.  Muscle hydration is a series of techniques based on the principles of myofascial release.  This gives you the knowledge and power to respond effectively when your muscles and joints experience pain.  By targeting connective tissue and applying individualized pressure to pull fluid into dry tissue, muscle hydration helps your body rediscover its natural balance.

“Gives you the knowledge and power to respond effectively…”

As you begin to target your imbalances, you will find that your pain or discomfort travels.  The slightest imbalance causes the surrounding muscles to work harder to compensate.  Why?  Because your body is an interconnected system of tissue that is constantly balancing and counterbalancing.  Once you have addressed one imbalance, it is likely that another area will demand attention as it is no longer compensating for the original imbalance.  

What is a session?

WAVE5 helps you navigate your body’s pain through Compass’ sessions.  A session is a series of muscle lines organized to target a specific muscle or joint.  Each one takes you on a step-by-step journey to address the muscles affected by—and contributing to—your imbalance.  This path is not always intuitive.  Many times, returning balance and function to one body region requires focusing outside of that area and into other areas.  Follow the pain around your body for best results.

“Each one takes you on a step-by-step journey…”

We created WAVE5 to give you the tools you need to balance your muscles and gain freedom from pain.  We invite you to discover the value of muscle hydration for yourself.  Contact us for more information on how WAVE5 can help you.