WAVE5: Compass

You can help your body’s imbalances and improve performance by hydrating more than 25 muscle and joint groups.

Our app, WAVE5 ®: Compass, works in conjunction with our WAVE5 multi-tool to give you the direction you need to help hydrate your muscles effectively. We target pain and help improve your body’s performance through customized self-care video sessions led by experts.

The app features:

  • Extensive videos on helping your muscles and joints
  • Expert-led sessions targeting more than 25 body regions
  • Complete tutorials on effective self-care methods
  • Suggestions on which areas to target next
  • A saved history of your sessions so you can pick up where you left off
  • An easy, user-friendly interface

The Theory Behind the WAVE5: Compass App

Our app is based upon the principles of self-myofascial release, which enable us to hone in on the muscles that are causing your body to be out of balance. Remember: Hydrated muscles are healthy muscles.

It can be difficult to determine the actual basis of your imbalance on your own—often there are multiple causes. That’s why our app, coupled with our WAVE5 multi-tool, helps enable you to find and address the pain at its source.

Post-session feedback gives you a clear course on which to continue your self-care and hydrate the next series of muscles that are causing aches and pains. It’s an interactive, customized experience to help you regain the natural balance you need.

Receive a One-Year Free Subscription to Our App

When you purchase the WAVE5 multi-tool, you’ll receive a free subscription to our app for one year. It’s a vital component of wellness, muscle hydration and self-care. When you purchase the tool, simply use the unique access code in the packaging and enter it when you register for an account. You’ll use that same email address and password to log into the app after you download it.

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Subscription/In-App purchases:

  • FREE annual subscription w/purchase of WAVE5 multi-tool (a savings of $49.99): A unique access code will be included in the tool’s packaging. Follow the directions on the card to unlock your annual subscription.
  • Monthly subscription: $4.99/month (includes over 25 body regions and 150+ muscle sessions)
  • Annual subscription: $49.99/year (a savings of $9.89)

There’s no reason to tolerate joint pain and imbalances that keep you from living your life to the fullest. Combined with our WAVE5 tool, our WAVE5: Compass app will help provide relief through muscle hydration.